Horror to look forward to (and a few to probably avoid) in 2018!


The Endless (2018)

2017 was truly incredible for our favorite red-headed stepchild genre, aka horror, as we witnessed some masterpieces like Get Out receive not only great numbers at the box office and critical acclaim, but even Golden Globe nominations…so 2018 has some huge shoes to fill.  From the looks of things as of now, 2018 will have its share of things that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT for…as well as a couple that look laughable, that I will likely skip, but others may enjoy.  Here are some of the horror pieces to look forward to (and a few to probably not waste your money on) coming out this year, in order of their releases.

  • Insidious: The Last Key (In theaters now) img_4621If you’re like me and aren’t terribly interested in paranormal-type horror, then the Insidious franchise probably doesn’t speak to you, but it hasn’t grossed hundreds of millions of dollars for nothing, so it must be doing something right.  From what I hear, the Insidious franchise manages to ditch the corniness that often comes with tales of haunted houses and ghosts in paranormal films, and instead stirs up genuine scares.  This particular sequel (4th film in the franchise) seems to be the franchise’s last, as it apparently tackles main character/parapsychologist Elle’s roots within her greatest fears of ghost whisperings- but I know next-to-nothing about these movies, so who knows.  I most likely will skip this one, but I hope those who love this franchise enjoy this final installment. Official trailer
  • Mom and Dad (January 19) img_4623A black comedy/horror featuring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair getting fed up with their bratty kids and wanting to kill them, within a span of 24 hours of mass hysteria, sounds smart, darkly hilarious, and like a potentially clever spin on the zombie subgenre.  Early reviews I’ve been seeing are positive- hopefully Mom and Dad holds up to its hype. Official trailer
  • Open House (January 19, Netflix) img_4625Netflix/horror movie teenage darling Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why, Don’t Breathe) is set to star in another Netflix feature, Open House, which tells the story of a son and mother who move into a relative’s vacant home after a tragedy, when things soon begin to go bump in the night.  Even neighbors and other locals seem to be hiding some sort of secret from the both of them.  On the surface, it looks like a premise we’ve seen millions of other times before, but the trailer looks pretty promising.  I’m hoping for a clever twist on the typical haunted house subgenre- sometimes Netflix originals get it right, sometimes they don’t.  Here’s hoping.  Official trailer
  • Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built (February 2) img_4626The acting goddess that is Helen Miren starring in a horror film is interesting in itself, but this movie is based on real-life story of heiress Sarah Winchester, who built the infamous Winchester mansion to keep out evil spirits that she believed were haunting her, after the deaths of her husband and son.  It’s a PG-13 film, which can go either way for me, because they usually play things too safe, but, from the looks of the trailer, Winchester relies on atmosphere and dread, which could potentially make for an effective paranormal film.  Official Trailer
  • The Endless (early 2018) img_4676A festival favorite of 2017 that’s awaiting an official, theatrical release slated for the beginning of this year, The Endless focuses on two brothers who return to the UFO death cult they escaped from years ago, after receiving a mysterious videotape in the mail.  Written, directed by, and starring Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Endless has been described as a total “mind fuck” by Bloody-disgusting, “mind-bending” by The Hollywood Reporter, and “the film to beat” by Horrorfreaknews.com.  Cults in general- especially stories of what life post-cult is like for those who manage to escape- have always held my fascination.  I’ll definitely be checking this one out. Official trailer
  • The Strangers: Prey at Night (March 9) img_4627I love me a good ol’ fashioned home invasion movie, and, while, the original Strangers wasn’t terrifically acted (how annoying was Liv Tyler’s performance) and contained about 200,000 predictable horror tropes, it still scared the shit out of my 18-year-old self- to the point where, when I went home to an empty house after seeing it, I was paranoid that every noise I heard was going to be the masked trio at my window, waiting for their opportunity to cut me up and hang me to dry.  I’m not sure if the long-awaited sequel will still hold up the same amount of shivers to its predecessor, but I’m more than willing to check this out come March.  Starring Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, the masked trio is at it again in this sequel- this time stalking an innocent family, vacationing in an abandoned trailer park.  Count me in. Trailer
  • Slice (Spring- March or April) img_4628Starring Chance the Rapper, Slice apparently centers on a pizza-delivery guy who gets murdered on the job in an undisclosed city, where everyone is looking to point the finger on whodunnit.  No question that A24 Studios has put out some intriguing and brilliant horror films, like The Blackcoat’s DaughterThe Witch, Green Room, and It Comes at Night, so I’m hoping Slice will be up there on the list as well.  No trailer has been released as of yet.
  • A Quiet Place (April 6) img_4624Starring real-life couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place looks eerily similar to another atmospheric gem, It Comes at Night, but this time, the family lives in total silence- relying on sign language to communicate- before one member of the family accidentally drops a glass and makes a crashing sound, which apparently awakens some sort of malevolent source that they’ve been trying to avoid.  Krasinski also directed this too, by the way.  I’m looking forward to this one. Official Trailer
  • Truth or Dare (April 27) img_4678 I’ll be the first to admit that I was the first to bash and laugh at the trailer of Blumhouse’s 2017 hit Happy Death Day, which appeared to be one of the dumbest teen slasher movies ever, but apparently, the film was a little smarter and more entertaining that many of us thought it would be.  Perhaps that will be the case with the upcoming Blumhouse film Truth or Dare, which is being called a mix between It Follows and Final Destination. If you ask me, I think it looks like just another version of what I expected Death Day to be, but maybe it’s not as dumb as it looks?  Staring Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), the premise seems to be as simple as “Tell the truth, you die. Do the dare, you die. Refuse to play, you die.”  Doesn’t seem to be very thought-provoking or worth seeing, but who knows. Official trailer
  • Slender Man (May 18) img_4629If you’re like me, and over the age of 25, you probably had no idea who the hell “Slender man” was, until a few years back when the case about the two young girls who nearly slaughtered their classmate to death, claiming that they did it as a sacrificial act to the Creepy Pasta website-based “Slender man.”  True to Hollywood form, this fictional Internet urban legend is getting his own moment to shine on the silver screen this spring, in order to capitalize on the subculture of millennial Internet pranks and myths that get taken way too far.  The trailer was recently released, and the film looks every bit as dumb as you would imagine it would be…   Official Trailer
  • The Purge 4 (July 4) img_4622So this franchise may not contain the highest quality of horror movies that have ever been made necessarily, but I still enjoyed the first two (judge me).  An interesting concept that no doubt saw its pinnacle piece in its second film, Anarchy, I’m not positive if this coming installment will be a continuation to 2016’s Election Year or a prequel to the original film.  Since (spoiler alert) Election Year ended with the purge holiday being officially ended, the premise of number 4 could be, that, either idiot will try to restart this murderous American holiday again, or, that we see the origins of how it all began.  No official trailer has been released as of yet.
  • The Nun (July 13) img_4630The Conjuring franchise veteran Vera Farminga and her sister Taissa Farminga (American Horror Story) will be starring in yet another Conjuring spinoff this summer: this time, a prequel that will explain the story of the creepy nun demon that appeared in The Conjuring 2, known as Valak.  I didn’t like Conjuring 2 as much as I loved the original, but I will say that, that goddamn nun in the sequel scared the shit out of me.  Not sure if she needs an entire movie dedicated to her, but alas, she will be conjuring up scares (see what I did there) this July.  No official trailer has been released as of yet.
  • Meg (August 10) img_4631Jason Statham battling a 70-foot Great White- what else do you need?  Sure, it’s likely awful, but from the promotional photos, it looks like a blast to watch, and it will probably ruin the remainder of your summer at the beach, post-viewing. And that’s all that really matters.  Meg is short for “Megalodon,” and the film is based on a series of novels by Steve Allen.  No official trailer has been released as of yet.
  • The Little Stranger (August 31) img_4642Based on a 2009 gothic novel of the same name, The Little Stranger tells the story of a son of a housemaid, Dr. Faraday, who takes on a new patient at Hundreds Hall, the place where his mother once worked.  Its current inhabitants- a mother, son, and daughter- are being haunted by something malevolent, and Dr. Faraday begins to learn how this family and his own family are somehow intertwined.  I’m not too familiar with the book, but I’m hoping its movie companion will have way more to offer than just being yet another ghost story.
  • American Horror StorySeason 8, Theme to be announced (Fall, most likely early-Septemberish) img_4632Every fall, close to Halloween time, us AHS fans look forward to witnessing what Ryan Murphy and the rest of the AHS crew create to scare us each season, and hopefully, season 8 will be no different.  While Ryan Murphy has only given us one little clue as of now (season 8 will take place some time in the future!!) we have yet to know any idea about what Season 8’s mysterious theme will bring.  We at least have a pretty good idea that it will be based on one of the 9 Circles of Hell (like the rest of the seasons)- all we have left to explore is the Lust Hell and the Violence Hell.  Murphy has confirmed that one of the remaining seasons of AHS will be a Murder House (Season 1) and Coven (Season 3) crossover season, but that won’t be coming into fruition until next year (which will be Season 9).  So far, only Queen Sarah Paulson has been confirmed for Season 8, and rumors are swirling that Conjuring franchise star Vera Farminga will also join.  I’m also curious (and a bit worried) to see which direction the show will take after Disney’s recent purchase of the FX Network, as well as Ryan Murphy’s upcoming contract ending.  I thought Cult was brilliant, so hopefully its follow-up will hold up just as well.
  • Goosebumps: Horrorland (September 21) img_4634For all of us ’90s kids that grew up on the Goosebumps novels and franchise, Horrorland is an exciting project to look forward to viewing.  While I’m sure this will be geared moreso towards a preteen audience, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing ahold of a piece of nostalgia and checking out this sequel to 2015’s Goosebumps.  Little is confirmed about this sequel that will be released in September, but rumors say that Jack Black will be returning as Goosebumps author R.L. Stine.
  • The Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D (September 28) img_4635Don’t even act like you’re not a fan of this colorful ’80s B-movie horror classic.  Taking place 30 years after their last invasion, the killer clowns will return to take over the earth, unless the humans stop them first (in 3D!).  Hey klowns, we give you permission to take over the earth, just as long as you drag Donald Trump back to your planet with you. Get ready to laugh and have a great time with this one.
  • HALLOWEEN (October 18) img_4637Lock your doors.  Hide your kitchen knives.  The Holy Messiah of horror, Michael Myers, is returning to your silver screen.  For diehard Halloween fans, this is the equivalent to Jesus Christ coming down upon us and blessing his disciples.  Comic geniuses Danny McBride and David Gordon Green already have envisioned some of my favorite black comedy shows (Eastbound and DownVice Principals) but can they tackle- not only horror- but quite possibly the greatest “slasher” film of all time?  Yes, I believe they can.  Danny McBride promises to skimp on the overt R-rated gore that the Halloween franchise turned to in later sequels, and instead, honor the simplicity and suspense that made the original so fantastic.  He also claimed that they would make Michael more “mortal” in the new film, which they believe feels more realistic and terrifying (I agree.)  Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle are set to return, to reprise their roles as Laurie and “The Shape,” respectively.  If John Carpenter thinks the screenplay is good enough to produce and compose for, then it’s good enough for me.  As of now, filming should have begun already, and the release date of October 18th should still be good-to-go.  I will be purchasing my tickets in advance, obviously…
  • Nosferatu (TBA, Hopefully 2018) img_4638This remake of the iconic horror film classic will see the reunion of The Witch director Robert Eggers and star Ana Taylor-Joy.  Eggers has said that his take on the remake will be vastly different than the original and will contain more explorations of the beloved vampire’s origins.  Not too much other information has been revealed as of yet, but I think it’s safe to assume that Nosferatu will be one of the better variations of horror remakes and potentially capture the same dark magic that the original did.
  • The Blob (TBA) img_4640Samuel L. Jackson is set to star in this 1958 remake of the sci-fi classic of the same name, as a biochemistry professor that seeks the identity of this other-worldly creature and monster.  Supposedly the same producer of the original film, 96-year-old Jack H. Harris, is on-board to produce this remake as well.  I feel like this could go either really right, or really wrong- no in-between.  We’ll have to wait and see.
  • Suspiria (TBA) img_4677Being described as kind of a remake/kind of a “re-imagining” of sorts (like we haven’t heard that one before) director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) describes the upcoming film as  “very personal” and “completely different” than the bat-shit crazy original that came out in 1977.  Little else is known about the new Suspiria, other than it staring Tilda Swinton and young actresses Dakota Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz (are they old enough to have even heard of Suspiria?!) and it being composed by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.  We think it should be out some time in late 2018, but that hasn’t even been confirmed as of yet.
  • Anna and the Apocalypse (December 2018?) img_4643Another zombie apocalypse movie (ugh) is apparently standing out from the crowd, as its been getting rave reviews from the festival circuit, while it awaits an official theatrical release for later this year.  A blend of horror, dark comedy, and musical (wtf?!) Anna and the Apocalypse takes place in a small town called Little Haven during Christmastime, where Anna and her teenage friends must fight…and sing…to survive the undead takeover.  Alrighty then…Official trailer

Happy horror hunting in 2018.

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