Believe the hype. ‘Hereditary’ is a game changer (Spoiler free)


If you can’t take the heat, don’t be related to the Graham family. (A24)

Is there any singular aspect of life that is more horrifying than losing the people you love by forces beyond your control?  A24 Productions’ Hereditary takes us through all stages of grief and then some, to say the least.  I was lucky enough to attend an advanced screening on Thursday night (before its wide release on June 8th) and I haven’t been able to shake it off ever since.  It’s only June and we’ve still got the new Halloween and Suspiria remake to go, but I’m positive I just witnessed my favorite horror film of 2018.

All you should know going into this: Directed by Ari Aster (his first feature-length film, by the way) Hereditary opens with an ominous obituary post against a black screen, before gravely introducing us to the Graham family, who is mourning the loss of their elusive grandmother/mother Ellen.  In a series of utterly horrific and tragic events, the Grahams are forced to each deal with their grief in their own (often toxic) ways, while simultaneously feeling as if they have been cursed by who they may be related to.

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