American Horror Story Season 8 has officially been declared “Apocalypse” ! ☢️



As San Diego Comic Con has passed through last weekend, droves of nerds flock to be the first to witness the unlocking of upcoming movie trailers, celebrity sightings, Q & A sessions…and, of course, secrets to the yearly, upcoming season of American Horror Story.  The always-elusive Ryan Murphy first teased us back in January that the upcoming Season 8 plot would take place in the “very near future”– precisely October of 2019– which of course spawned online Reddit threads of theories about anything and everything from space odysseys, world fallouts, and aliens (that perhaps link back to the ones always spoken about, but never shown, in Asylum).  Eventually, the uber AHS fans got ahold of leaks to the working title of Season 8, “Radioactive,” and many of us wondered if AHS would head down the post-apocalyptic route for the first time…or if Murphy was just trying to throw us off (The working title of Season 6’s Roanoke was called “Cul-de-sac” 🙄…

(Quick Update as of July 27th: The Assassination of Gianni Versace standout Cody Fern has been announced as the role of Michael Langdon! Here for it.)


Cody Fern will be playing the Antichrist, Michael Langdon. (FX/Getty Images)

THEN, as if he didn’t give fans enough heart attacks, in June, Murphy announced that the previously teased Murder HouseCoven crossover season was not happening in 2019, as was originally thought, but instead, happening this year!  Much to the confusion, excitement, and even disappointment, of some.  The witches of Coven (including the ever-annoying Emma Roberts) will return, but not much information about the link to Murder House is known, as of yet.

As it turns out, working title “Radioactive” seemed to not be too far off, because Season 8 has officially been announced as “Apocalypse”– and now all of us can breathe a sigh of relief that the mystery has been unveiled, as we impatiently wait until Wednesday, September 12th, for the season kick-off.

As for me?  I have mixed-to-positive feelings about this recent revelation.  On the one hand, I am not a fan of “apocalyptic” horror.  At all.  You can ask anyone that knows my taste in horror- and apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic subgenre horror is wayyyy too played out, and it almost never has anything new to say, other than, “Humans are destroying the earth. Watch humans destroy the earth. Watch said humans destroy each other, as well as trying to survive their destruction of the earth.”  Yawn!

I also can’t say I’m thrilled about the crossover season now, as opposed to its initial plan to bring it to us for next year’s Season 9 slot.  If the whole theory that each and every season of American Horror Story represents one of Dante Inferno’s 9 Circles of Hell, rings true, then we can assume/guess (who knows) that next year’s Season 9 will likely be its final season.  (Again, nobody knows for sure.)  Wouldn’t it have been a great way to end the entire series by giving us the final showdown between the Season 1 and Season 3 universes, for next year?  Perhaps even explaining how the entire AHS universe is possibly linked?  Bringing back a whole slew of characters from multiple seasons, and the beloved return of iconic actors from MH and Coven, Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Denis O’Hare, Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett, etc.?  Now, those actors have not been confirmed as of yet, so there is still hope, but, if you ask me, I’m wondering how in the hell they would even fit all of these damn characters into 10 episodes, when Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Cheyenne Jackson, Adina Porter, Emma Roberts, Billy Eichner, AND Joan Collins are already confirmed??  All hail Joan Collins, but is she really just there to fill the void of Jessica Lange never returning??  You cannot possibly fit those 2 queens into one storyline!  There’s only so much diva room for one television set…

As I mentioned above, I am none-too-pleased about the return of Emma Roberts’s obnoxious Coven character, Madison Montgomery.  Sure, I’m as curious as anyone to see if they explain her connection to the Montgomery family in Murder House, but I really cannot stomach a whole season of her sarcastic lines and bitchy dialogue.  I also could do without the ever-annoying Billy Eichner as well.  He was fine in Cult, but that was enough of him for me.  Why bring him back, when there are sooo many other (better) actors who should return from past seasons. (The lovely Denis O’Hare, anyone??)  Let’s just throw them both away.  No big deal.  Just my opinion.

I may sound like I’m bitching, but it’s not all bad news for me.  I am really digging this new cover art for “Apocalypse.”  I was most definitely not expecting a red-covered baby being held by a black, long-nailed, devilish hand, which some have pointed out is similar to one of the (fake) teaser trailers for Season 6’s Roanoke.  Hmmm….

Courtesy of @horrorstorydaily on Instagram.

The most blatant question on everybody’s mind is, does this baby represent the return of the Antichrist in Murder House?! For as long as I have been watching AHS, I have seen countless articles about the desired return of the original Antichrist, aka Tate and Vivian’s baby, Michael Langdon, to return for another season of havoc.  Even last year’s Cult drummed up some far-out fan theories that adorable, curly-haired Ozzy (Ally and Ivy’s son) was really Michael, as a plot disguise.  That seemed a bit reaching for me, but I can totally see this baby in the poster for Apocalypse possibly representing Michael’s return!  (A friend pointed out to me that the letter “T” is shining on the baby’s forehead…maybe for Tate?)

Spot the ” T “…Does it stand for Tate? (FX)
Will the Antichrist make a return?  (FX)

Fans that attended Comic Con last weekend also noted that lots of Satanic imagery was shown at the AHS exhibition- particularly, a scary demonic goat figure, which bares resemblance to Baphomet, a renounced figure within The Church of Satan (See trip to Salem, MA last fall.)

PopSugar pointed out that there is also a video teaser circulating that displays a chandelier made up of teeth.  Murphy did mention late last year that Sarah Paulson was going to be wearing some sort of freaky dental work for her upcoming character this season…And, if you remember correctly, Roanoke also contained some loose teeth throughout the season, as well as introducing us to the first Witch Supreme, Lady Gaga’s Scathach, which is linked to Coven, which could possibly link to this upcoming crossover season.  Confused yet? This is only the beginning.

Baphomet, is that you? Spotted at Comic Con last weekend. (@AHSVIP on Twitter)

Additionally, I noticed some bizarre alien-like figures that Comic Con attendees have posted on Instagram from the AHS Exhibition, which would really throw off the whole Satanic imagery.  (Forgive me, I cannot find the original picture I saw on Instagram, or I’d re-share it to here.)  Since it takes place in the future, does the “Apocalypse” begin from some sort of Alien-lifeforms taking over the Earth?  Maybe it would give some purpose to the ones that were often mentioned, but never shown, in Asylum. 

Finally, as the both the working title “Radioactive” and the newly-appointed actual title “Apocalypse” indicate, is the world coming to an end?  It’s likely.  Last week, before the big Comic Con reveal, I saw some unofficial AHS Instagram accounts post pics of a number “8” logo, made up of a combination of the symbols for “Radiation” and “Toxic”.  There have also been some footage of filming in Los Angeles that shows Billy Eichner running from a car and yelling “We’re under attack!”  We all know Ryan Murphy and the AHS franchise makers rightfully despise our current presidential administration (See Cult) so perhaps they foresee a nuclear attack befalling us all in October 2019, when “Apocalypse” takes place.  (Ryan Murphy has predicted the future before…remember when the political rally shooting in Cult was filmed right before the Las Vegas concert shooing last year? Scary stuff.)

A fanmade picture of the “8” logo that has been seen at production sights. (@ahs8fx on Instagram)

So, how the fuck this all meshes together beats me.

Another Ryan Murphy teaser interview indicated that there will be a “big hook” and a “huge thing” that happens in the middle of the season (  Sounds like they are going to pull a midseason twist, similar to the one on Roanoke, which I very much appreciated.  Murphy and Brad Falchuk are artistic visionaries for sure, so I’m looking forward to whatever mind-blowing plot curveballs and puzzles they will be throwing our way come fall.

I plan on rewatching MH and Coven later this summer as a refresher, and I will also be paying close attention to teaser trailers, the official trailer, and any other possible theories that may come forth before “Apocalypse” premieres on September 12th on FX. Stay tuned!

PS: Congrats to Sarah Paulson and Adina Porter for their Emmy nominations for last year’s brilliant Cult–but where the fuck was Evan Peter’s nom for his haunting portrayal of Kai Anderson?! Okay, enough bitching for today…~

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