Oscars 2019 Rant: Oscar Snubbed Films that are more worthy of your time than half of the actual Oscar-nominated films



Anyone who loves film and follows the awards season circuit is already aware of the absolute catastrophe that the upcoming out-of-touch Academy Awards 2019 has brought upon itself.  First, the Academy announced that they would introduce a “Best Popular Film” category,

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The importance of horror film ‘Get Out’ winning an Oscar, an otherwise notoriously snubbed film genre


Sunday night at the 90th Academy Awards, comedian/writer/director Jordan Peele made history, as he accepted a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for his little social-thriller-movie-that-could, Get Out.  Perhaps because of the current push of the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” equality/inclusion movements happening in Hollywood at the moment, the Academy took notice of this small budgeted, Blumhouse-produced, indie horror movie- that those of us who live, breathe, and die horror had been waiting for months before its actual release in February 2017.   Continue reading