‘Terrifier’…is appropriately titled. 😟🤡


When someone tells you that they want to watch Terrifier…

The revival of 2017’s version of Pennywise the Clown ain’t got a damn thing on Art the Clown- the sadistic, completely silent, vicious clown from the recent VOD release of Terrifier. With his jet black-painted mouth, menacing grin filled with some serious dental issues, tiny black top hat, black and white colored clown suit (complete with blood spatter) and black trash bag (likely filled with varying degrees of body parts) draping over his shoulder, Art the Clown (calculably portrayed by David Howard Thornton) may be one of the most terrifying movie clowns in horror history, as he reprises his murderous role from his first appearance in the 2013 horror anthology film All Hallows Eve.

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American Horror Story: Cult Full Season Review 🤯👏🏼👏🏼🤡🔪 🇺🇸


Evan Peters as Kai Anderson, quite possibly one of the most disturbing, yet interesting characters of AHS history #DivineRuler (FX)

I remember the first time I had heard that the seventh season of one of the very few shows I actually watch on TV, American Horror Story, was going to be centered around the 2016 election: I cringed and said out loud to myself, Oh no, Ryan Murphy, baby! What are you doing?!  I just could not imagine reliving the truly horrifying real-life nightmare that was last year’s presidential election again- but alas, here I am, reflecting on last night’s season finale, feeling super depressed that it’s all over, yet satisfied at the outcome of what has become my favorite season of AHS to date.  Ironically, this season, Cult- that I originally thought would be an annoying replay of one of the worst times of modern American history- actually became an entertaining escape from the bullshit of the things that are happening right now.  Who would have thought?  This is my thorough review of American Horror Story: Cult.  Continue reading

American Horror Story: Cult has got my brain on overload 🤡🔪🤔


Over the past few seasons of AHS, I’ve either been completely enthralled or totally lost at producer Ryan Murphy’s crazy twists and turns…but I’ve never been bored. Season 7’s Cult has been no different.  And I can safely say as of now, 7 episodes deep, Continue reading