2017 Horror WinnersūüŹÜ


In a bizarre year filled with disastrous hurricanes, political woes, and heartbreaking celebrity and musician deaths, 2017 did manage to contain a handful of positives: the several horror masterpieces released to audiences this year. ¬†Horror movie (and television) makers did not disappoint, as 2017 released some of the most successful and equally intriguing works for the genre. ¬†Because I only started Horrormonal two months ago, I didn’t exactly have a chance to watch and review¬†all¬†of the many horror gems that came out this year, but I have compiled a list of my personal favorites that I did see and love, as well as a short list of the works that I wish I had seen, and will hopefully get to watch, enjoy, and review on here in 2018. ¬†Feel free to let me know what your personal favorites from 2017 were as well in the comments!

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