“Sorry To Bother You” is the sci-fi/dystopian/dark comedy you need to see this year (even if it’s probably the only sci-fi/dystopian/dark comedy you’ll see this year)



You know you’re witnessing a wonderfully unique movie when an old, (I’m talking like 80-year olds) pretentious white couple walk out of the theater because they’re so confused and appalled at the things that they just simply don’t want to even try to enjoy nor understand.  If race-related Get Out, surrealistic/scifi-ish Being John Malkovich, and realistically relatable Office Space got together and had a threesome, Sorry To Bother You would be their modern day lovechild.  2018 has most definitely seen its share of strange movies, (The Endless, anyone?) but Sorry To Bother You just might take the proverbial cake.  And when I say cake, I mean one huge cake with 14 different rainbow layers and 17 different flavors of chocolate, vanilla, birthday cake, lemon, strawberry…that’s how many different genres and themes this thing tackles within its 105-minute run time…

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