13 things to see and experience in Salem, MA for horror, Halloween, & history lovers


Salem, Massachusetts– also commonly referred to as “Witch City”– is the notorious grounds for a lot of awful American history, including the infamous Salem Witch trials in the 1600s. Thankfully, this now quaint town has turned its painful past into America’s ultimate Halloween town, while simultaneously honoring the victims from its historical events that left many dead and/or imprisoned. I recently traveled again to this lovely New England town for some early October fun, and have come up with a list of recommend activities and locations for those who are making their way there during this Halloween season.

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Recap: My trip to “Witch City”! Salem, MA 🔮 The Ultimate Halloween town…


The beautifully dark and ominous House of the 7 Gables

After many years of living for Halloween, I always dreamed of making the 5-and-a-half hour drive to the second oldest American city, Salem, Massachusetts, during its most-traveled-to month of the year, October.  This past weekend I finally got to experience the ultimate Halloween town for All Hallows’ Eve lovers like myself.  While it may be too late to book your own trip to Witch City for this Halloween, all spooky lovers should start planning for next year asap!  I won’t bore you with a minute-by-minute recap of my entire trip, but I’ll give you the highlights of the things that you absolutely must do whenever you make it out there yourself, as well as a handful of things I regret not spending more time on. Continue reading

My favorite movies to watch during Halloween 👻🔪



I debated on whether or not I should make this list, since I watch these movies all year round and do not give a shit if it’s October 31st or a random afternoon in January, but nonetheless, these are (some) of my favorite movies to watch in October.  Most of these are horror, some are cult films, and a few are Disney (🤷🏻‍♀️) but it just doesn’t feel like Halloween unless I watch these classics.  I excluded some that take place in winter or with a Christmasy/snowy backdrop (The Shining, Let the Right One In), and some other recent favorites that are too new for me to watch every Halloween (The Invitation, Hush).  I’ll find a place for those on future posts. But for now, here are some of my favorite movies to watch for All Hallow’s Eve…

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Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year… 


For those of us who get off on hanging (fake) severed body parts on our front porches and placing our creepy Chucky dolls behind our bathroom doors to scare the shit out of our more timid friends as they open the door (just me?) Halloween truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  If you’re a total friggen nerd like me and schedule your Halloween/October plans by mid-July, you probably prepare a playlist of your favorite Halloween songs for when the clock strikes midnight on October 1st and you’re decorating your black “Halloween tree” while you wear your Michael Myers mask (again, just me??).

I’ve compiled a playlist of some of my favorite songs to listen to during this time of year for your listening pleasure.  Some have lyrics directly relating to Halloween; some are from of my favorite movies to watch during this time of year (or any time of year, really); and some are neither, but for one reason or another, they are dark and weird, and quite fitting for October feels.  Enjoy…

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