‘The Witch in the Window’ is yet another exceptional 2018 film about the horrors of parenting


Alex Draper and Charles Everett Tacker tackle a complicated father and son relationship in The Witch in the Window (One Bad House Films)

We seem to be in the throws of a trend in 2018: many of the greatest horror films that have been given to us this year have reflected on one of the scariest things that many of us will do– become parents.  From A Quiet Place to Hereditary to even bits within the new Halloween, horror has taken a deep dive into just how horrifying it can be to raise our offspring.  How much should we protect them?  How much should we sacrifice of ourselves for them?  At what point do we let them out into the world?  Will our mistakes reflect upon their upbringings?  Shudder’s exclusive The Witch in the Window is yet another well-done film that makes many of us think twice about starting families.

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