10 of the Most Unsettling Moments in Doll Horror (Originally published for Bloody-Disgusting.com)

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There is a very specific reason why I asked my mother to return the many porcelain dolls she bought for me when I was a kid: I watched too many horror movies. Porcelain dolls, baby dolls, life-size dolls, and especially ventriloquist dummies: I had seen far too many of those damn things open their eyes, come to life, and kill people in movies, and I wanted no parts of it.

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Horror short ‘Soundbite’ will give you the creeps next time you’re home alone with your laptop (originally published for Nightmarish Conjurings)


(Horror House Media)

Eli Roth has said many times: “If you don’t want to be scared during a horror film, don’t close your eyes— close your ears.”

SOUNDBITE— the four-minute short for the new “Horror House” YouTube channel, from director Michael Coulombe and his co-writer Brantley J. Brown— makes effective use of auditory tension to create an afflicting horror short that will cause actual gasps by its climax.

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‘Terrifier’…is appropriately titled. 😟🤡


When someone tells you that they want to watch Terrifier…

The revival of 2017’s version of Pennywise the Clown ain’t got a damn thing on Art the Clown- the sadistic, completely silent, vicious clown from the recent VOD release of Terrifier. With his jet black-painted mouth, menacing grin filled with some serious dental issues, tiny black top hat, black and white colored clown suit (complete with blood spatter) and black trash bag (likely filled with varying degrees of body parts) draping over his shoulder, Art the Clown (calculably portrayed by David Howard Thornton) may be one of the most terrifying movie clowns in horror history, as he reprises his murderous role from his first appearance in the 2013 horror anthology film All Hallows Eve.

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Netflix’s Veronica proves that a film doesn’t have to live up to its “scariest movie” moniker in order to be effective (spoilers)



When the fuck are characters in horror films going to learn not to mess with ouija boards?

I’m about two-three weeks late (sue me) checking out the Spanish horror film Veronica that people have dubbed one of “the scariest movies ever made” and, while I figured that I wouldn’t agree with that marketing necessarily, I was still pretty impressed.

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Yay, Nay, or Just Okay: Catching up on recent viewings


I’ve been MIA here on Horrormonal for the last seven weeks (2018 has been off to a rough start for me) but now I’m back.  And you know damn well that I still managed to squeeze in a few horror movies that I’ve been slacking on seeing.  Instead of dedicating a long, thorough review to each of the five films I’ve watched recently (because some of them just flat out DON’T DESERVE that much attention anyway), let’s play a game of “Yay,” “Nay,” or “Just Okay”… Continue reading

The VVitch: slow, but worth the fiery climax 😈🔥


Image owned by A24 Films

I’m about a year-and-a-half late to the party, but Robert Eggers’s The Witch, (stylized as The VVitch) is a sloooooow burn, but rewards those who stick it out until the awesome, blazing climax.  The Witch stars Ana Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, and Kate Dickie as an ostracized Puritan family, set in the richly historic 17th century New England (yes, around the Salem Witch trials period).  Tensions arise, and this deeply religious family reaches closer and closer to the brink of falling apart. Continue reading