A24’s space thriller ‘High Life’ is a wonderfully weird, challenging look at humanity


Robert Pattinson in High Life (A24)

“Break the laws of nature– you’ll pay for it.”

In Claire Denis’s newest arthouse film High Life, Robert Pattinson’s Monte whispers this statement to himself, since only he and his baby girl remain on a coasting space ship, with no other (living) crew members.

Sure, the study of humanity– in the broadest spectrum– has been depicted to death within films that take place in outer space.  Isolation, loneliness, violence, and goal-oriented manipulation are common themes we’ve witnessed in space films before, and High Life is no different.  But I guarantee that you have never seen a space film quite like this one.

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“The Endless” is trippy, intelligent, poetic, and often confusing…but it’s not for lazy audiences


Brothers Justin and Aaron return to the UFO death cult they escaped years before for closure (Arrow Films)

You know that one girl on your Instagram feed…probably named Ashley or the like…the one that makes her own therapeutic “aromatherapy” products (that she cons certain gullible middle aged women into purchasing), grows all of her own organic foods and “medicines,” (aka she’s a witch doctor), and swears that spiritualism lies within “meditation” and yoga? Imagine a whole, entire hipster cult of that annoying girl- but throw in some UFO-believing men too, that try to convince their followers that suicide is an ideal option for their situation?  That is what kind of people you are watching in The Endless– except it is told in a much more artistic and intelligent way than annoying Ashley’s Instagram feed, and you realize that this spiritual cult is actually on to something here…

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PLEASE don’t make one damn sound while watching ‘A Quiet Place’!


John Krasinski reportedly sought inspiration from modern classics The Babadook, Get Out, and The Witch for his scares in A Quiet Place. 

As if you didn’t hear already, John Krasinski (Yes, that adorkably nice guy who plays Jim from The Office) has co-written, co-starred, and directed A Quiet Place, a post-apocalyptic movie of sorts, that tells the tense tale of one family that is trying to successfully live in a world where sci-fi-like creatures with immaculate hearing capabilities will hunt (anyone who’s still left) who make any sort of sudden noise.  We meet the Abbott family, initially consisting of Lee (Krasinski), Evelyn (Krasinski’s real-life wife Emily Blunt), deaf daughter Regan (crucially portrayed by real-life deaf actress Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe), and Beau (Cade Woodward), (each impressive actors in their own right, by the way) at “Day 89” where they are still getting used to the idea of having to remain silent for their survival at all times.  Tragedy befalls them, and they are forced to continue on within this grief-stricken, emotionally-stalling, and devoid-of-most-communication environment they are living in.

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