Oscars 2019 Rant: Oscar Snubbed Films that are more worthy of your time than half of the actual Oscar-nominated films



Anyone who loves film and follows the awards season circuit is already aware of the absolute catastrophe that the upcoming out-of-touch Academy Awards 2019 has brought upon itself.  First, the Academy announced that they would introduce a “Best Popular Film” category,

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Best Horror Films of 2018 (many of which you probably missed)


A recent, laughable Vogue article (because clearly they are experts in horror films) got it all wrong a couple months back, when they complained that the horror genre was dead-in-the-water this year.  On the contrary, 2018 has been one of the best years for the genre yet, which brought us many harrowing, immersive looks inside disturbing family trauma narratives, women and men seeking revenge, secretive serial killers, and a haunting coven of witches, just to name a few.  If you missed a few of these because you were bombarded by the all-consuming Halloween (2018) and A Quiet Place press coverage this year, catch up on these quieter greats before the year is up.  Many of these were not seen nor talked about nearly enough as they deserved to be.  2018 has been exceptionally good to us.

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