MIDSOMMAR solidifies Ari Aster as a contemporary master of bizarro horror



There is a handful of contemporary auteur filmmakers that are bringing something completely fresh to the horror genre, while still managing to derive influence from classics of the past– Jennifer Kent, Robert Eggers, Jordan Peele– to name a few.  But none have excited me quite to the degree of the eccentric, strange, provocative, ballsy filmmaking style that Hereditary (and now Midsommar) creator Ari Aster possesses.

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Revisiting ‘Let the Right One In’: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Misfit Horror-Love Film (Originally published for NightmarishConjurings.com)


(Pic courtesy of US distributor Magnet Releasing, 2008)

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Horror lovers know that there is a clear distinction between what Hollywood constitutes as a romance movie…and what horror filmmakers consider a romance movie.  Hollywood chooses swooning and last minute declarations of love within happily-ever-after endings; while horror films consist of blood pacts and killing the enemies of characters’ loved ones– just to show how much he/she really cares.  If you’re anything like me, Tomas Alfredson’s 2008 dark romance film Let the Right One In is the quintessential love film for a misfit kind of love that we all secretly crave, which is why I suggest you revisit this modern classic for your Valentine’s Day horror film viewing.

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